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NewProd Coming Soon Catalog of Video Courses - Circuit Analysis and Design, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, and Algebra


Step-By-Step Video Tutorials in Circuit Analysis & Design I

Step-By-Step Online Video Course in Circuit Analysis & Design

A course description of Circuit Analysis and Design I is also given at this link along with sample videos.

The Step-By-Step Video e-book on Circuit Analysis & Techniques consists of a total of four video modules:

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Below is a new course and learning modules on Differential Equations to prepare for a second course in Circuit Analysis and Design II.   Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, and Control Theory are also being prepared.


Differential Equations

The Step-By-Step Video e-book on Differential Equations I consists of a total of six video modules:

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Trigonometry Tutorial Videos

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Step-By-Step Video Tutorials in Trigonometry

The course covers the trigonometric functions, namely: cosine, sine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent.  Two perspectives are given:  the right triangle and the unit circle.  Many applications are given including:  trigonometric  identities, graphs, and triangles.  The course also covers  complex numbers and introduces the concept of vectors as applications of trigonometry. 

Module 1 - The Trigonometric Functions

Module 2 - Trigonometric Identities, Inverse Functions, and Equations

Module 3 - Applications of Trigonometry

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Trigonometry Tutorial Videos 

(get over 1000 Step-By-Step solutions to numerous algebra problems including many solved word problems- click above info button for free access for a limited time)

Introduction to Algebra

Submit your problem and get help at

Practice problem at

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(includes Op Amp and Transistor Video Tutorials as a one 4-hour module of bite-sized video clips)

Transistor and Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) Video Tutorials

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Circut Analysis Techniques:  Node Voltage Analysis, Mesh Current Analysis, Thevenin Equivalent,

Please send Professor Santiago an email on your particular interest at to prioritize in developing videos according to market demand.

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(back to top)    Below are sample video and tutorial lessons on selected topics in engineering, finance and other technical areas like:  Matlab Examples or Tutorials,  Simulink Examples or Tutorials,  Electric or Electronic DC Analysis, Inverse Laplace Transform Examples, Operational Amplifiers (OP AMP) Tutorials and many more engineering or math tutorials. 

Contact Professor Santiago if you would like to see specific technical and investment topics using short-to-the-point videos. The on-line videos are affordable you can view at your own pace.  If you would like one-on-one online sessions on a variety of technical topics, contact me at    

The course material is

  - Ideal for home schooling your family and for students  who are self-motivated
  - Serve as supplementary material to senior high school or university level education
  - Suited for professors or instructors who want additional and affordable resources & assets to supplement their teaching.

For those who need a refresher in math, I plan to develop video ebooks and  of a video-based online e-course in Introductory Algebra and a Trigonometry course.   Contact Professor Santiago for further details. 

I will also together as a coherent free public available domain material from video sites and For example, here's one where I've consolidated videos from YouTube posted by Standard University.  The course is entitled Fourier Transform and Its Applications.    In the layout, I would add lecture notes to follow the video lecture. 

Also, I plan to develop a collection of video clips and background references on the United States Constitution.  The course will be entitled, Freedom 101.  The previous link is my initial webpage if you want to see it evolve.  The intent is to provide a basic understanding on the original and founding principles the United States is based on.

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