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As a multimedia company, you can get online and affordable access to many videos and topics for your higher education!  Our initial focus is on technical topics such as engineering, physics, mathematics and investing.    The video content will consists of videos I developed as well as from other important institutions to provide you with higher education.

For example, here are playlists from other organizations I frequently supplement with my on-ground or face-to-face teaching :

Video Playlists on Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry (from

Playlists of Videos from the Khan Academy



     Differential Equations


     Linear Algebra







Playlists of Videos from the MIT

      Aircraft Systems Engineering

      Circuits and Electronics

      Classical Mechanics

      Computer Science and Engineering I

      Control of Manufacturing Processes

      Differential Equations

      Digital Commuications I

      Digital Commuications II

      Electricity and Magnetism

      Grand Challenges in Energy

      Information and Enthropy

      Introduction to Algorithms

      Introduction to Biological Engineering Design

      Introduction to Biology

      Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

      Introduction to Copyright Law

      Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry

      Lean Six Sigma

      Linear Algebra

      Mathematical Methods for Engineers II

      Multicore Programming Primer

      Multivariable Calculus

      Principles of Chemical Science

      Structure and Interpretation

      Symmetry, Structure, and Tensors of Materials

      Teaching College-Level Science & Engineering

      Underactuated Robotics

      Unified Engineering

      Vibration and Waves

Playlists of Videos from the Stanford University    

      Astobiology and Space Exploration

      Classical Mechanics

      Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium


      Developing Mobile Apps with Web Technologies

      Fourier_Transforms and Its Applications

      Human Computer Interaction Seminar

      Introduction to Chemical Engineering

      Linear Dynamical Systems

      Machine Learning

      Mini Med School

      Particle Physics

      Programming Abstractions

      Programming Methodology

      Programming Paradigms

      Quantum Mechanics

      Special Relativity

      Statistical Mechanics

Playlists of Videos from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Playlists of Videos from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Galleries of Videos from the Khan Academy

Galleries of Videos from

Galleries of Videos  from the MIT

Galleries of Videos from the Stanford University

Galleries of Videos from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Galleries of Videos from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Galleries of Videos from the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Open Courseware from University of California, Berkeley

The course material developed here not including the other institutions is

  - Ideal for home schooling your family and for students  who are self-motivated
  - Serve as supplementary material to senior high school or university level education
  - Suited for professors or instructors who want additional and affordable resources & assets to supplement their teaching.

Below are sample video and tutorial lessons on selected topics in engineering and other technical areas.  Final production and updated videos along with interactive learning modules are in progress.

Contact Professor Santiago if you would like to see specific technical and investment topics using short-to-the-point videos. The on-line videos are affordable you can view at your own pace.  If you would like one-on-one online sessions on a variety of technical topics, contact me at

FREE Sample and Tutorial Lessons From Freedom University

Introduction to Algebra Step-By-Step Video Tutorials in Trigonometry

Electrical Engineering | Matlab Tutorials | Signal Processing
Differential Equations | Trigonometry | Pre-Algebra
Economics | Finance | Freedom 101

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There is  a video-based online and affordable course in Introductory Algebra, Trigonometry course.  Other video courses in development include Circuit Analysis, Laplace Transforms, Control Theory, Digital Signal Processing and Differential Equations.  Contact Professor Santiago for further details. 

To see a course layout, here's a sample model where I've consolidated videos from YouTube posted by Standard University.  The course is entitled Fourier Transform and Its Applications.  In the layout, I would add lecture notes to follow the video lecture. 


See Complete Course Outline in Introductory Algebra and download trial videos for free

Selected Topics 

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Laplace Transform (pre-production videos)

Matlab Examples (pre-production videos)

Orbital Mechanics (pre-production videos)

Basic Math or Math Worksheets

Figuring Percentages (pre-production videos)

Equivalent Fractions (pre-production videos)

Fraction Worksheets 1


Video Lessons

Pythagorean Theorem in Less Than Three Minutes

Trigonometry and What the Heck is SOH CAH TOA?

********end of FREE SAMPLE Lessons*********




Contact Professor John Santiago for access to more technical video topics or special orders on DVDs.

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