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Why Go Global?

Note this demo video was taped during 2005 but the basics or fundamentals of global investing remain the same.  Since this is just a demo video made in 2005, please go to Carl's website: and get his latest information.

Although the United States is a global economic power and ranks among the top of all nations in terms of the stock exchange, it makes sense to increase your diversification by investing globally.  In fact, the United States accounts for approximately twenty-five percent of the global output.

You need to have a global perspective.   An investor must not invest in all of his resources into one U.S. stock.  Likewise, it makes sense not to invest all of the stocks in one country.

However, it is already a daunting task to invest in the United States.  That's why an investor needs guidance from investment advisors to know which country has strong stock market fundamentals and poised for steady or rocket growth.

Chartwell advisors is among the global leaders to show you where you need to invest and backs up its claims with both facts and impressive results.

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