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What Are ETFs?

Since this demo video was made in 2005, please go to Carl's website: to get his additional  information on their benefits.

For those who find stock picking high risk, then Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) may be for you.   They  have unique advantages over mutual funds.  Presented by my friends, Mr and Mrs Carl Delfeld who is the founder of Chartwell Advisor, the series of videos will highlight some key concepts of ETFs, as well the advantages over mutual funds.

ETFs is a hybrid between a stock and a mutual fund.  A mutual fund calculates its net asset value (NAV) at the end of the day while the value of the ETF changes throughout the day.  Like an index fund, it is a specific collection of stocks whose value changes depending on the market supply and demand. 

There are a variety of ETFs.  The collection of stocks can be based on a wide variety of ways.  They could  specialize in a specific sector like healthcare, in a specific country like China or India or in a broad-market index like S&P index fund or spiders.  The next video will talk about why investors should go global.

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