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Currently,  if you are interested in affordable and future access to the videos hosted on Freedom University, please use the form below.

In the future, I am thinking affordable  monthly access to the set of videos per 2-3 courses of your choice. 

My goal is to provide an equivalent university level based on my experience and by others who wish to contribute.  Since this is a very large project undertaking, this website as well as others with a different focus will be an ongoing and work-in-progress project.

 I will attempt to develop videos such that it is independent of the textbook and can serve as supplementary material to the course you are taking at your university.  Given enough time, I will also include interactive learning modules as well

If you want an accredited degree, please contact me at and I can connect you to the appropriate admissions folks and give you more information about the various degree programs offered at the university where I teach.

For information on accredited degree programs in electrical engineering degree programs you can mail me at

Department of Engineering (Attn: Professor John Santiago)

4435 North Chestnut

Colorado Springs CO 80907


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